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Our Services

Priority Care Ambulance™ provides non-emergency basic life support (BLS) ambulance and medical transport service 7 days a week.

We provide transportation for:

  • ●   Hospital Discharges
  • ●   Doctor’s Appointments
  • ●   Dialysis Treatments
  • ●   Hospital Transfers
  • ●   Inter-facility Transfers
  • ●   Chemotherapy Treatments
  • ●   Nursing/Adult Facility Transfers
  • ●   Residence Transports
  • ●   Organ Donor Transports
  • ●   Special Events & Stand by
  • ●   Bariatric Transports

  • When transported by Priority Care Ambulance™, two highly trained certified Emergency Medical Technician's will provide compassionate care from bedside to bedside. Our staff will assist each and every patient into and out of bed. Staff will also check our patients in and out of each facility.

    We want to keep in touch with our patients to hear how they are progressing. We will follow up with our patients by phone or if we are nearby in person within a few days to check on their well being, but only if they feel comfortable with us doing so.

    Priority Care Ambulance™ schedules transportation appointments in advance but will also attend to your immediate transport needs.

    Most transports are covered by insurance and can be provided with little or no cost. Please give us a call to determine eligibility and cost.