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About Us


Priority Care Ambulance™ is an Ambulance and Medical Transport service that takes pride in “Treating patients like family.” Priority Care Ambulance™ was founded by individuals who have many years combined experience as Emergency Medical Technician’s that wanted to help and make a difference in the community. They founded Priority Care Ambulance™ based on providing compassionate and high quality patient care which would ensure outstanding service to the community and it's citizens.

Priority Care Ambulance founders and staff

Find out more about Priority Care Ambulance's founders and team.

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William Masone
President / CEO / EMT


William has over 10 years experience in the Emergency Medical Services field. He started his career as a volunteer firefighter in 2006 with the Inwood Fire Department. While there he trained to become an Emergency Medical Technician. After becoming an EMT he started volunteering his time on the ambulance. In 2011, William started working with a private ambulance company providing emergency and non-emergency patient care. In subsequent years he worked with other private ambulance services providing patient care.

William is a certified EMT with the State of North Carolina. William also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration.


Dr. Robert Denton
Medical Director


Dr. Bob Denton graduated from West Virginia University School of Medicine in 1991. Dr. Denton completed emergency medicine residency at Wake Forest School of Medicine in 1994 and is a board certified emergency physician by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He later joined Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates in 1994, and has been staffing UNC Rex Healthcare Emergency Department, where he provides emergency medical care for a variety of illnesses and injuries in patients of all ages. He has been a member of Wake County EMS peer review committee since 1996 and is a member of NC-1, a federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Dr. Denton serves Priority Care Ambulance in an oversight capacity to assure high quality of care for the services provided.